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12 months ago with 61 notes
Dear Followers,

Okay, so the anon I just got who said I hadn’t changed my icon for two years reminded me of the fact that some of you have been following me for two years. That’s mind-blowing to me! I can’t believe that so many of you have stuck around for so long! I’m really, truly honoured that you guys enjoy my blog (and hopefully me!) that much. Every day, I’m surprised that so many of you who follow me continue to follow me and that so many more new users choose to start following me as well! You’ve all been nothing but amazingly kind and friendly to me, and you make tumblr a fantastic place for me to want to spend my time. I hope you guys feel that way about me and my blog, for whatever reason, whether it’s because we share the same fandoms, have the same (AWESOME!) tastes in posts, or if you just enjoy reading my fics, gifs, meta, and/or ridiculous tags. I have been on tumblr for two years now, and I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know so many of you, because you’ve all been wonderful. 

So just in case I don’t say it enough, whether you’re a follower who’s stuck with me since the beginning or you just started following me this morning, whether we talk all the time or if you’ve never messaged me ever, whether you adore my blog or if you’re just too lazy to click the unfollow button: thank you. Thank you for being here, thank you for always being kind to me, and thank you for always making tumblr a happy place for me. You’re the greatest 25,553 followers in the world.

Thank you.

  1. thedefenderoftheearth said: /unfollows
  2. beingfacetious said: u da best gurl
  3. stardustinherwake said: THE BEST AROUND
  4. livelaughloveskate reblogged this from winterinthetardis
  5. grantairely said: IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS TOO LONG ugh ew
  6. mostly10 said: 25 thousand people follow you, nili. that’s fucking insane. I mean. w h y
  7. flamesofatimelord said: We love you Nili! <3 I’m glad I’ve been following you since I made a tumblr two years ago!