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If you mean this Kyle, then I’m 9000000014% sure that she was just kidding, because that’s not even close to one of the reasons why I don’t like GitF. In fact, that one doesn’t even register. The Doctor kisses people all the time, tbh. GitF isn’t a bad episode because of that. It’s a bad episode because it displays backwards character development and inconsistent plot continuity, not to mention that the Doctor was extremely irresponsible yet saw absolutely no repercussions for his actions. In fact, I have a whole tag of meta dedicated to why I hate GitF and none of it has to do with the fact that the Doctor kissed someone who wasn’t Rose. (Based on that mentality, I should hate Donna and Martha’s respective kissing-the-doctor episodes too, since they both kissed the Doctor, but I adore the crap out of them, so…)
Well, that’s the whole point of the post, anon. I’m fine with big crowds and I don’t mind strangers touching me (though tbh the last day, i literally wanted to punch people just to get them away from me), but i know some people who would have a straight up panic attack from being surrounded by so many people. That’s why I wrote the post. Tumblr has this really glorified perception of SDCC and I wanted to make sure that people knew that it wasn’t just a casual thing; it’s frustrating and crowded and involves hours of waiting in line. In order to go to SDCC, you have to decide whether that’s a thing that’s worth it to you, and I wanted people to have all the facts before they end up dropping a thousand dollars plus just to find out that they’d fucking hate it.

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