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1 year ago with 7 notes
professortennant: POTO is phantom of the opera and the easiest way to get the soundtrack is to get a YouTube audio converter and grab the songs off of there. The other way is to simply google 'phantom of the opera 25th soundtrack' and see what comes up. BUT IT'S NOT THAT EXPENSIVE TO JUST BUY ON iTUNES, Y'ALL.


  1. brendonryantennant said: 25th anniversary has Ramin Karimloo. Enough said. Yummy voice, and not to bad in the face ;)
  2. sopranish said: Except the 25th soundtrack is that horrible concert. The OLCR or the OBCR (Original London /Broadway Cast Recording) are what that Anon wants. Good singing. Good conducting. Good all around. Classic.
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