From valoir, he thinks. Meaning to be strong.
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Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter! (July 31)

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#their expression is very characteristic #nine is calm #ten is very charismatic #and eleven is like a child who just burnt his parent’s curtains #completely accidentally

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'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in EW Portraits 

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Anonymous: winterinthetardis was one of the first dw blogs I followed and still one of my favorites~

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Jenna Coleman at London Film and Comic Con 2014

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OFFICIALS’ SIGNALS with Thunderbug!

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Hello fellow WHOVIANs and SHERLOCKIANs!

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I need 100+ participants for my online survey about fandoms or I will fail my master’s degree in media & communication!


So I really depend on you guys out there to take 15 minutes (tops! I promise!) of your time and fill out this little questionnaire. It doesn’t require any explicit knowledge, all gathered data will be saved anonymously and only analyzed for my master’s thesis.

What’s in it for you?
Apart from helping out a fellow fan and saving my life you can win amazing prizes ranging from handprinted fandom shirts over any fanart you request to signed theatre programs. I will do the biggest give-away in the history of tumblr if I get to 100 filled out surveys! Just complete the questionnaire and leave your email or tumblr username at the end.


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make me choose: rosa diaz or gina linetti (asked by steve-carell)

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Entertainment Weekly’s first look at 'Deep Breath'

Entertainment Weekly’s first look at 'Deep Breath'

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