From valoir, he thinks. Meaning to be strong.
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Make Me Choose Meme

myroza asked: turn left or journey’s end?

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Make Me Choose | badwolvestardis asked: The Doctor’s Daughter or The Doctor’s Wife

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2/23/14 Canada vs. Sweden: Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby hug it out after Canada wins gold
2/23/14 Canada vs. Sweden: Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby hug it out after Canada wins gold

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gif meme:  rose tyler + outfits (part 2)

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Anonymous: Are Jonathan toews and patrick Kane still your otp?

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane will always be my OTP! I mean, I have lots of other hockey ships too, but Kaner and Tazer will forevermore hold a very special place in my heart. Endgame, baby.

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[5&6/100 favorite on set pictures of billie]

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Make Me Choose: asked Amy Pond or Clara Oswin Oswald

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url graphics | imthetardis


url graphics | imthetardis

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The Ood were nothing without us, just animals roaming around on the ice.

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daenystormborn asked: season 2 or season 4?

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