From valoir, he thinks. Meaning to be strong.
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Really, really shy. It was quite difficult for me then to get into performing because I was so nervous. - Karen Gillan

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My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think our neighbors hate us

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Toothless being a dork

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Yes, you know, Jo, it’s like, it’s like one of those things, those glass cases that people keep colonies of ants in.

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I’m not a hero. And neither am I. But if we both keep pretending to be, perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories.

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You are her hero, I think. 

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#me in class when i get the answer wrong

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your house will be like your family.

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«Matt and David are much younger than me, much more handsome, and that’s what people have decided they want to take from it. I don’t think that will be happening for me. I don’t expect to be anyone’s heart-throb»(x)

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Anonymous: Do your or your followers know where to find the version of "Madman with a Box" that played in The Caretaker when Danny first approached the TARDIS on the school stage?

I have no idea. Followers?


Anon said: I don’t think it was ‘Madman with a box’, I think it was ‘Melody Pond’, which is on youtube.

oodlyenough said: I think it’s called “Sad Man With A Box” from the s5 soundtrack.